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An editorial project and a website reveal the creative potential of Garda's products

Presented at Frankfurt book fair "Utopia" is the new Cartiere del Garda's concept-book and website, a project that leverages the expressive potential of coated papers. 

A book collecting visual inspirations and considerations about Utopia applied to six different social contexts: ecology, art, architecture, politics, religion and science. The book examines the Utopia’s historical phenomenon dimension and its contemporary scene.

Utopia is a 84 pages book. In order to apreciate the great performances of the products every chapter is printed on a Cartiere del Garda’s ‘Excellent Collection’ coated paper with the addition of Condat Matt Périgord (produced by Condat). The book contains several print techniques like relief silk screen varnish, flocking, fluo colours and many more.

Utopia is the last chapter of "A better project", an editorial project conceived by Imille that examines some topics about our contemporary life through emotional experiences only paper can convey.