Cartiere del Garda


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A book and a website showing printing processes and techniques on Garda's papers

Start, a 72 page book and a website presenting all the possible benefits of working with Garda paper.

The basic idea behind Start is to take the reader on a journey of words, images and paper. Each page depicts one word and one image, which together illustrate one aspect of daily life.

39 words bound together into a single word of 170 characters. The end of one word forms the beginning of the next. 45 images express the meaning of these words, for an experience that is both visual and tactile.

Cartiere del Garda presented Start at the Frankfurt book fair, where the public was able to both appreciate and touch printing processes and techniques: pages are literally cut in situ or created via the union of various materials, reflections change according to the light or images appear with the warmth of the hand.