Better Together

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An integrated strategy for the Microsoft Advertising project

Better Together is a Microsoft Advertising project-event, conceived to bring together and compare the market leaders in marketing and advertising in Italy.

The objective was to redefine the principles of advertising in the digital era, assess the convergence of media, and design a potential synergy between creativity, technology and performance of advertising campaigns. The project involved the organisation of a series of events, including the Portofino convention of Summer 2009, and the creation of online and offline communication tools in support of the event, such as websites, blogs, publications and videos.

With the client's brief as a starting point, the project's values were translated into messages and given a minimal graphic treatment, in line with the brand's guidelines. Imille carried out the entire strategy: from the naming to the branding, through the creation of the coordinated image, implemented in various formats in support of the Portofino event, to the paper and digital invites, and lastly the website and the innovative presentation at the opening of the convention.

The site showcases the presentations and the video interventions of the meeting and the more important case studies of the past year of working with Microsoft Advertising; also, a blog invites marketing professionals to discuss the more important themes of Better Together.

During the Portofino event, delegates were given a special edition of case histories of Microsoft Advertising in a newspaper format. Lastly, the video footage of the meeting became a show reel now used by Microsoft Advertising for promotional purposes.